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[From Our Friends] Hand-Overs

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From Our Friends – JoziEM New post released on Hand-overs Read it now:

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#badEM16 – Julian Fleming – Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong

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Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong Julian (@EMedic6) Brings you down to reality…. REMEMBER we are in AFRICA Can we expect the lay-person to understand what a true emergency is?…

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#smaccFORCE summary: Prehospital Emergency Medicine Workshop

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#smaccFORCE – You don’t have to be the best – just do your best! I was lucky enough to attend the #smaccFORCE at the Dublin Social Media and Critical Care conference.…

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Implementation of an in-service training programme for paramedics in hostile situations.

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Poster presentation at ICEM2016 For any additional information contact Craig Wylie   Poster presentation at recent International Conference of Emergency Medicine 2016

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Interview with Surgeon Captain Jason Smith (ICEM Keynote Speaker)

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Craig Wylie from #badEM interviews Surgeon Captain Jason Smith regarding his up and coming Keynote Speech entitled “Advances in military resuscitation – experience from a decade of conflict” at ICEM…

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Continuous Professional Development in South Africa

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  As healthcare professionals we all have the responsibility to stay up to date with current practices & advancement within our respective medical disciplines. In South Africa the Health Professions…

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The art of the EMS Handover

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  “Handover of care is one of the most perilous procedures in medicine, and when carried out improperly can be a major contributory factor to subsequent error and harm to…

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