#badEM16 free Emergency Medicine Symposium

#badEM16 free Emergency Medicine Symposium

#badEM16 free Emergency Medicine Symposium

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Over the next few months we will be releasing the presentations as blogposts with summaries, videos, podcasts and infographics!

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  My best and biggest blunders

Ross Hofmeyr

Dr Ross Hofmeyr talks about making mistakes and how we deal with them through telling the stories of his best and biggest blunders.

Because the only clinicians who do not make mistakes are those who do not see patients, we need to be prepared to identify and act on our mistakes: own them, fix them but most importantly LEARN from them. Making mistakes is inevitable, learning from them is not. Learning requires ownership and effort.

Click HERE to listen to this amazing talk

 Too wild, too free, too accustomed to death

Dr Sian Geraty

Sian is an Emergency Medicine registrar in Cape Town, South Africa and shares some heart warming and heart breaking stories from her elective at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Click HERE to listen to this amazing talkhttp://www.badem.co.za/badem16-sian-geraty-wild-free-accustomed-death/


What are you thinking? Clinical decision making in EMS

Richard Mulder

Coming soon

Is CPR an African solution?

Prof. Lee Wallis

Coming soon


The gamble: do I pay or do I stay

Charmaine Cunningham

Coming soon


Welcome to the FOAMed family!

Kirsten Kingma and Craig Wylie

Coming soon


Emergency Medicine: You’re doing it wrong

Julian Fleming

Coming soon

End of life care ≠ end of health care

Stevan Bruijns

Coming soon

Pesticides: #thestruggleisreal

Almero Oosthuizen

Coming soon

Making you a Bronchiolitis Bingo master

Andrew Redfern

Coming soon

ICU Outside: low cost critical care for everyone, everywhere

Jo Park-Ross

Coming soon

ECG Masterclass: Electrolyte Edition

Saád Lahri

Coming soon

The eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know

Kamil Vallabh

Coming soon

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