Trauma in Pregnancy Part 1: Resuscitating the pregnant trauma patient

1024 614 Victoria Stephen

Trauma in Pregnancy: Is it double the trouble? Managing the injured pregnant trauma patient can be anxiety inducing, as one needs to manage two patients at once amidst the altered…

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Ubuntu #1: Not another tachypnoeic pregnant patient!

1470 827 Kat Evans

Ubuntu #1: Not another tachypnoeic pregnant patient! Guest Author: Dr Neville Vlok | Editor: Dr Katya Evans History Mrs V is a 35 year old G3P2 female at 32 weeks…

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Using condoms to avoid PPH related maternal deaths in Africa – Not what you think!

425 282 Willem Stassen

Reducing maternal death is the fifth Millennium Developmental Goal as Identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has been a priority in Africa for many years.  In Africa, the…

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