AfCEM 2018 Summary

AfCEM 2018 – Day 1: Opening Plenaries & Education

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Two of the badEM crew Kat Evans & Willem Stassen attended the 4th African Conference of Emergency Medicine 7-9 November 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. They are being assisted in blogging the conference also by Dr Clint Hendrikse(Cape Town) & Dr Mina Naguib (Manchester) One concept that will likely run through this conference is the concept of Ubuntu. A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable,…

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AfCEM 2018 Day 1: How to get your research published: The 10 commandments

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Summary notes on talk given at AFCEM 2018 “Ten Commandments for getting your research published” by Dr Ellen Webber, Editor in Chief of Emergency Medicine Journal @emjeditor  A large proportion of studies/research is not published. Improve your chances of getting your chances noticed. Put your best foot forward from the beginning. Always use a research checklist…

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Tips for FOAMed groups based in High Income Countries to help become Freely ACCESSIBLE Medical Education (FAME)

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The below are some random thoughts extracted from my talk at AfCEM 2018 Conference: Appropriateness: Don’t forget your audience is worldwide not all in the same healthcare context as you – think about your influence. Sometimes flippant comments/assumptions are made by authors that when read by a clinician from low resource context, renders them despondent…

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