#badEM16 End of life care ≠ end of health care – Dr Stevan Bruijns

386 388 Jo Park-Ross

A dying patient is one of the most challenging patients for healthcare professionals. Stevan talks us through how to practice the best possible end of life care.

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#badEM16 Jo Park-Ross – ICU outside: Critical for everyone, everywhere

1366 768 Jo Park-Ross

Ten minutes is short time to try and to change the way you think about ICU care – but if you work in emergency medicine then you are already involved…

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#badEM16 Mastering bronchiolitis – Dr Andrew Redfern

864 576 Jo Park-Ross

Bronciolitis will affect 30% of children in their first winter, 10% of which will be hospitalized. Dr Andrew Redfern, a badEM team member, revises the evidence based management of children presenting…

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#badEM16 – The eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know – Dr Kamil Vallabh

1366 768 Jo Park-Ross

Dr Kamil Vallabh is an Emergency Medicine Physician working at Mitchells Plain Hospital in the Western Cape. Kamil co-runs the facebook pages Plain EM and EMECG, and we would highly recommend…

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dasSMACCforce: Paramedics Under Siege

1200 800 Kat Evans

Below see a few items discussed at #dasSMACCforce talk by badEM team member @CraigWylie Are specialised tactical units the answer? There has been so much discussion in the media around paramedics…

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Ubuntu #5: Muthi Mayhem

1920 1080 Victoria Stephen

The case: A 27 year old male is brought to the Ubuntu Hospital ED by EMS with a history of feeling unwell for two days. It is difficult to get…

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#badEM16: Almero Oosthuizen on Paraquat poisoning

1024 576 Jo Park-Ross

Almero Oosthuizen treated the badEM16 crowd to an entertaining talk some common and some deadly poisonings other than organophosphates. Take away points: First aid first: remove contaminants from patient and…

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Trauma in Pregnancy Part 3: Fear of radiation can lead to harm

1365 1024 Victoria Stephen

Fear of radiation can lead to harm: A rational approach to diagnostic imaging following trauma in pregnancy Imagine this patient presents to your emergency department: A 25 year old female…

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A Paediatric Surgeon’s guide to… dealing with the child in your consulting room

940 788 Guest Author

It’s ok, you’re not alone. The paediatric patient is a challenge, not only because of all their weird pathology, but also because they can’t tell you what’s wrong & scream when…

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Trauma in Pregnancy Part 2: Pregnancy related complications

1280 1139 Victoria Stephen

Pregnancy related complications: Pearls and pitfalls Part 1 of this 3 part series, (found here) dealt with the principles of resuscitation of the critically injured pregnant trauma patient. This next…

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