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Crash 3

448 232 Willem Stassen

The iPhone 11 of the emergency medicine world has just been released and you should be queueing for the results. The badEM crew and some guests sat down to understand…

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Interview with the Author: Michael McCaul on South African prehospital guidelines

150 150 Craig Wylie

Series: “Interview with the Author…” Link to open access article: Click here Corresponding author email: mmccaul@sun.ac.za Previous linked author interview: https://badem.co.za/afjem-mccaul/ Author’s twitter handle: @MikeMcCaul3 Co-authors: @Research_ambit and @CEBHC Youtube: Strengthening South African prehospital guideline uptake…

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Voices from Africa at SMACC

150 150 Craig Wylie

African Voices at SMACC During SMACC in Sydney, Doug Lynch, @thetopend, interviewed several African delegates. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the conference organisers with the smaccREACH…

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#badEMfest18: The Chronic Pain Toolkit – Rowan Duys

150 150 Craig Wylie

The Chronic Pain Toolkit  Dr Rowan Duys  Rowan, @healthink, is an Anaesthetist practicing at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. He has a key interest in pain management…

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