Ambulance associate pathogens: A Western Cape study

150 150 Kat Evans

See below for ICEM 2016 Poster Abstract Email for more information.  

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150 150 Kat Evans

Based on on work done in below abstract we are in the process of completing final drafts of  a “Quick Reference Handbook on Neonatal nCPAP” (with a focus on use…

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Interview with Sa’ad Lahri & Kamil Vallabh (ICEM Keynote Speakers)

1024 576 Kat Evans

Dr Kat Evans from #badEM interviews ICEM2016 Keynote Speakers Sa’ad & Kamil – Cape Town Emergency Physicians: Who are they? Cape Town Emergency Physicians & educators Dr Sa’ad Lahri – Khayelitsha…

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Interview with Surgeon Captain Jason Smith (ICEM Keynote Speaker)

1200 1842 Craig Wylie

Craig Wylie from #badEM interviews Surgeon Captain Jason Smith regarding his up and coming Keynote Speech entitled “Advances in military resuscitation – experience from a decade of conflict” at ICEM…

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Emergency Doctors without boundaries: we need to talk about violence against women

800 451 Kat Evans

Author: Dr Lucy Hindle – Emergency Physician – Gauteng, South Africa Co-author: Katy Hindle – lawyer with a special interest in gender and health Edited by: Dr Kat Evans – Emergency…

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Ubuntu #2: Divination and a Diagnostic Dilemma

2058 1500 Victoria Stephen

Ubuntu #2: Divination and a Diagnostic Dilemma Author Victoria Stephen Edited by Kirsten Kingma   You are on duty at uBuntu Hospital Emergency Department on a Tuesday evening when a 37…

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Ubuntu #1: Not another tachypnoeic pregnant patient!

1470 827 Kat Evans

Ubuntu #1: Not another tachypnoeic pregnant patient! Guest Author: Dr Neville Vlok | Editor: Dr Katya Evans History Mrs V is a 35 year old G3P2 female at 32 weeks…

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Balancing chakras – the passive leg raise

1075 700 Kat Evans

Balancing Chakras: The passive leg raise Author & Sketches: Dr Serena Cardosa | Edited by: Dr Kat Evans As a medstudent, the topic of fluids eluded me.  When I started…

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Continuous Professional Development in South Africa

300 290 Craig Wylie

  As healthcare professionals we all have the responsibility to stay up to date with current practices & advancement within our respective medical disciplines. In South Africa the Health Professions…

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Ubuntu Hospital – African Virtual Hospital, Aeromedical & Ambulance Service

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Ubuntu Hospital & Ubuntu Aeromedical & Ambulance Service After much deliberation we decided not to ask for admitting privileges at St Emlyns (UK) or JANUS General (US) Imaginary Hospitals, but…

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