Crash 3

448 232 Willem Stassen

The iPhone 11 of the emergency medicine world has just been released and you should be queueing for the results. The badEM crew and some guests sat down to understand…

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AfCEM 2018 Day 1: How to get your research published: The 10 commandments

1822 1400 Kat Evans

Summary notes on talk given at AFCEM 2018 “Ten Commandments for getting your research published” by Dr Ellen Webber, Editor in Chief of Emergency Medicine Journal @emjeditor  A large proportion of…

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Dare to research

1920 1281 Willem Stassen

There is a paucity of scientific evidence originating from the African continent. (1) For evidence emanating from Africa, African researchers have very poor access to these publications. (1) In addition,…

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Interview with the author: Hendry Sawe on recent AfJEM publication on POCUS in Tanzania & Mexico!

1900 500 Kat Evans

Series: “Interview with the Author…” The badEM crew interviewed Hendry Robert-Sawe regarding his newly released article in AfJEM Volume 6 Issue 3 entitled: “Bedside ultrasound training at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es…

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There is no standard like gold standard

150 150 Jo Park-Ross

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single editor in possession of a new journal, must be in want of a strong drink’ Adapted from Jane Austin’s Pride and…

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