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Crash 3

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The iPhone 11 of the emergency medicine world has just been released and you should be queueing for the results. The badEM crew and some guests sat down to understand…

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Dare to research

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There is a paucity of scientific evidence originating from the African continent. (1) For evidence emanating from Africa, African researchers have very poor access to these publications. (1) In addition,…

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ecssa2016

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ECSSA2016 The badEM team hosted an exciting Critical Care Transport pre-conference workshop for the ECSSA2016 conference on 21 September 2016. Despite having limited numbers to 20…

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 WHY NAME IT, IF YOU CAN’T SURPASS IT? How African EM Geeks made #FOAMed history.

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As the excitement mounts for #smaccDUB that started this week, a similar initiative from the Southern-most tip of Africa bravely took the Twitterverse by storm in December 2015 with over…

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Baring all: Being vulnerable

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As a young man, I have always tried to be the one in charge. I have always wanted to be the smartest, strongest & right – I always wanted to…

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Using condoms to avoid PPH related maternal deaths in Africa – Not what you think!

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Reducing maternal death is the fifth Millennium Developmental Goal as Identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has been a priority in Africa for many years.  In Africa, the…

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