Critical Care Transport Workshop #ecssa2016

1900 500 Willem Stassen

Critical Care Transport Workshop #ECSSA2016

The badEM team hosted an exciting Critical Care Transport pre-conference workshop for the ECSSA2016 conference on 21 September 2016. Despite having limited numbers to 20 participants, 35 people arrived for the afternoon workshop! 

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Below are some videos and resources from the workshop which will be loaded soon!

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions for things we could add to our resources – please email


Infection Control – it’s a thing! 

Craig Wylie

Coming soon


Understanding Ventilation Strategies and Graphics 

Willem Stassen 

Coming soon


Critical Care Transport Tips, Tricks and Monitoring

Jo Park-Ross

Coming soon


Intra-Aortic Balloon pumps in Critical Care Transport

Louis Jordaan 

Coming soon


Everyone can read an Arterial Blood Gas

Cameron Horner  

Coming soon


Safe Neonatal Transport 

Willem, Jo & Louis

Coming soon