#badEMfest18: Human/kind – Andy Tagg

150 150 Jo Park-Ross

Guest Author: Andy Tagg When Kat Evans came and spoke at DFTB17 on the state of emergency medicine in South Africa she was all abuzz about this new conference that…

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Moving through Suffering & Towards Resilience: The Compassionate Care Initiative, with Tim Cunningham

2000 1333 Guest Author

Guest post by Stevan Bruijns from The AfJEM Blog I caught up with Prof Tim Cunningham who will be presenting a keynote at the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa’s…

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Simulation as a vehicle to excellence, improved patient safety & organisational learning with David Grant

660 330 Jo Park-Ross

Dr David Grant is a simulation expert who advocates the use of simulation, including human factors and crew resource management principles, being actively used in the healthcare environment as part…

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There is no standard like gold standard

150 150 Jo Park-Ross

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single editor in possession of a new journal, must be in want of a strong drink’ Adapted from Jane Austin’s Pride and…

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ecssa2016

1900 500 Willem Stassen

Critical Care Transport Workshop #ECSSA2016 The badEM team hosted an exciting Critical Care Transport pre-conference workshop for the ECSSA2016 conference on 21 September 2016. Despite having limited numbers to 20…

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Emergency Doctors without boundaries: we need to talk about violence against women

800 451 Kat Evans

Author: Dr Lucy Hindle – Emergency Physician – Gauteng, South Africa Co-author: Katy Hindle – lawyer with a special interest in gender and health Edited by: Dr Kat Evans – Emergency…

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Baring all: Being vulnerable

1024 688 Willem Stassen

As a young man, I have always tried to be the one in charge. I have always wanted to be the smartest, strongest & right – I always wanted to…

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Ubuntu #2: Divination and a Diagnostic Dilemma

2058 1500 Victoria Stephen

Ubuntu #2: Divination and a Diagnostic Dilemma Author Victoria Stephen Edited by Kirsten Kingma   You are on duty at uBuntu Hospital Emergency Department on a Tuesday evening when a 37…

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“How to get brave: The three steps for implementing change” with Almero Oosthuizen

3000 1714 Jo Park-Ross

Podcast: Jo Park-Ross and Almero Oosthuizen Are you keen for change? Not sure how to be part of the change you think is needed? Here is a short podcast to motivate…

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