An Update on Emergency Care in South Africa

150 150 Craig Wylie

As part of the EMSSA/ECCSA conference in Sun City we attended an update on where we are with the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) in the Emergency Care field of South…

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dasSMACCforce: Paramedics Under Siege

1200 800 Kat Evans

Below see a few items discussed at #dasSMACCforce talk by badEM team member @CraigWylie Are specialised tactical units the answer? There has been so much discussion in the media around paramedics…

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ecssa2016

1900 500 Willem Stassen

Critical Care Transport Workshop #ECSSA2016 The badEM team hosted an exciting Critical Care Transport pre-conference workshop for the ECSSA2016 conference on 21 September 2016. Despite having limited numbers to 20…

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#smaccFORCE summary: Prehospital Emergency Medicine Workshop

632 200 Craig Wylie

#smaccFORCE – You don’t have to be the best – just do your best! I was lucky enough to attend the #smaccFORCE at the Dublin Social Media and Critical Care conference.…

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Endotracheal cuff pressure changes in flight

1267 570 Jo Park-Ross

Poster from ICEM 2016 on ETT cuff pressure changes during fixed wing flight. For the full blog post: For more information contact Jo Park-Ross on or twitter @JoParkRoss  

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Implementation of an in-service training programme for paramedics in hostile situations.

1037 691 Craig Wylie

Poster presentation at ICEM2016 For any additional information contact Craig Wylie   Poster presentation at recent International Conference of Emergency Medicine 2016

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150 150 Kat Evans

Based on on work done in below abstract we are in the process of completing final drafts of  a “Quick Reference Handbook on Neonatal nCPAP” (with a focus on use…

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“How to get brave: The three steps for implementing change” with Almero Oosthuizen

3000 1714 Jo Park-Ross

Podcast: Jo Park-Ross and Almero Oosthuizen Are you keen for change? Not sure how to be part of the change you think is needed? Here is a short podcast to motivate…

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Finding FOAM

1173 714 Kirsten Kingma

This week I did a talk at the Hout Bay Volunteer EMS about how to get involved with FOAM for the beginner (with a focus on prehospital FOAM). If you…

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The Namibian Pre-hospital System

4358 2083 Jo Park-Ross

The Namibian Pre-hospital System Guest Author: Nadine Seymour & Edited by: Jo Park-Ross                                    Pre-hospital…

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