Finding FOAM

Finding FOAM

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This week I did a talk at the Hout Bay Volunteer EMS about how to get involved with FOAM for the beginner (with a focus on prehospital FOAM).

If you are new to the FOAM world and want to know how to get involved and what it is all about then this for you!


I recommend the following links for further reading and to get the process started!

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The blogs I mention

  • Please check out our list of local FOAMed resources to follow!
  • PHARM – prehospital and retrieval medicine
  • St. Emlyn’s – excellent emergency medicine blog posts that give insight into specific topics
  • EMCrit – Scott gives some of the best podcasts around, excellent talks and resources on his site
  • Taming the SRU – they have a special page dedicated to posts on prehospital medicine
  • Excellent podcasts by the best speakers in emergency medicine on a wide range of topics: check out SMACC (for iTunes podcasts click here)



The link to the Prezi presentation given at HBVEMS


And the screencast of the presentation (during the actual presentation I enjoying a Guinness so Im sure that was far more entertaining)