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#badEM16: Charmaine Cunningham – The gamble: do I pay or do I stay

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Selling assets in order to pay for care so that your child has a chance of survival should not be a decision that a parent is required to make, and…

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#badEM16: Sian Geraty – Too wild, too free, too accustomed to death

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I’m Sian and I’m an Emergency Medicine registrar in Cape Town, South Africa.  I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to get to do what I love in…

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Finding FOAM

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This week I did a talk at the Hout Bay Volunteer EMS about how to get involved with FOAM for the beginner (with a focus on prehospital FOAM). If you…

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Sonar beams deflecting cognitive error

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Sonar beams deflecting cognitive error Written by guest author: Victoria Stephen In the midst of treating a critically ill patient, whether it is pre-hospital, in the ED or ICU, time…

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SMACC, the FOAMed Highlight of the Year

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  It has been of interest to note that the vast majority of the traffic on #badEM has been via Facebook sharing rather than twitter. This may mean that many…

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Introduction to out-of-hospital emergency systems in South Africa

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Out-of-hospital Emergency System in South Africa Craig and Minh recently did a great podcast discussing many of the above points: listen to it here on the PHARM     South…

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