Annet Alenyo at #dasSMACC – How to support African EM

1263 710 Kat Evans

A lot of people have been asking the LMIC delegates at dasSMACC the following question: “How can we support African Emergency Medicine?” Two quick ways you can help from afar: ONE: Donate…

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dasSMACCforce: Paramedics Under Siege

1200 800 Kat Evans

Below see a few items discussed at #dasSMACCforce talk by badEM team member @CraigWylie Are specialised tactical units the answer? There has been so much discussion in the media around paramedics…

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Finding FOAM

1173 714 Kirsten Kingma

This week I did a talk at the Hout Bay Volunteer EMS about how to get involved with FOAM for the beginner (with a focus on prehospital FOAM). If you…

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SMACC, the FOAMed Highlight of the Year

3264 2448 Kirsten Kingma

  It has been of interest to note that the vast majority of the traffic on #badEM has been via Facebook sharing rather than twitter. This may mean that many…

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