A Paediatric Surgeon’s guide to… dealing with the child in your consulting room

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It’s ok, you’re not alone. The paediatric patient is a challenge, not only because of all their weird pathology, but also because they can’t tell you what’s wrong & scream when…

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ecssa2016

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Critical Care Transport Workshop #ECSSA2016 The badEM team hosted an exciting Critical Care Transport pre-conference workshop for the ECSSA2016 conference on 21 September 2016. Despite having limited numbers to 20…

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Based on on work done in below abstract we are in the process of completing final drafts of  a “Quick Reference Handbook on Neonatal nCPAP” (with a focus on use…

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Below elbow POP video

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Below Elbow POP This video aims to give simple steps in the procedure of paediatric below elbow plaster of paris (POP) Equipment: ortho wool, 2x medium rolls of POP, 1x…

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