#badEMfest18: Human/kind – Andy Tagg

150 150 Jo Park-Ross

Guest Author: Andy Tagg When Kat Evans came and spoke at DFTB17 on the state of emergency medicine in South Africa she was all abuzz about this new conference that…

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Sonar beams deflecting cognitive error

723 641 Kirsten Kingma

Sonar beams deflecting cognitive error Written by guest author: Victoria Stephen In the midst of treating a critically ill patient, whether it is pre-hospital, in the ED or ICU, time…

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Below elbow POP video

3264 2448 Kat Evans

Below Elbow POP This video aims to give simple steps in the procedure of paediatric below elbow plaster of paris (POP) Equipment: ortho wool, 2x medium rolls of POP, 1x…

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Using condoms to avoid PPH related maternal deaths in Africa – Not what you think!

425 282 Willem Stassen

Reducing maternal death is the fifth Millennium Developmental Goal as Identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has been a priority in Africa for many years.  In Africa, the…

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