Emergency Medicine in Malawi

Emergency Medicine in Malawi

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Post by Mulinda Nyirenda and Jo Park-Ross

This podcast is an interview with Dr Mulinda Nyirenda and details the current state of Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital services in Malawi, as well as the way forward and Mulinda’s hopes for the future of Malawian EM. I must admit a more than slight bias on the topic of Malawi as I grew close to the city of Blantyre where Mulinda works.

Most of the Malawian population live well below the poverty line, and are rural subsistence farmers. While the health services provided by the state are free, the hospitals often have no medicine or consumables, and these must be purchased by the patient or their family at a pharmacy. Infant and maternal mortality rates and HIV/AIDS infection rates are high, as well as a high burden of Malaria and other infectious diseases.

Thank you Mulinda for your time and for all the wonderful work you are doing for Malawi!

Emergency Medicine in Malawi

Dr. Mulinda Nyirenda is a senior consultant in the emergency department at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi. She also holds a clinical lecturer post within the University of Malawi -College of Medicine; promoting the teaching of Emergency Medicine and Acute care in the country.

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