150 150 Craig Wylie

SMACC Sydney 25 - 29 March 2019

SMACC Sydney…… “Will be the best SMACC yet”

Ticket Ballot opens in just over 8 hours….

Don’t miss out, register on the SMACC Website on Monday

The greatest conference!!

I attended my first SMACC in 2016 and man it was great!!!!

A community of people that truly believe in sharing their knowledge, empowering other people to educate just as well or even better than what they do.

I want to say come and attend this conference and learn, but that will not be true. Come and attend this conference and become part of a community of learning.

SMACC 2019 will see our very own @kat__evans speak on the main stage.

Hope to see you there.

badEM Team

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We are still so proud of Annet Alenyo’s talk about UBUNTU last year…..