Using condoms to avoid PPH related maternal deaths in Africa – Not what you think!

425 282 Willem Stassen

Reducing maternal death is the fifth Millennium Developmental Goal as Identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has been a priority in Africa for many years.  In Africa, the maternal mortality rate is still unacceptably high – one woman dies every 7 minutes in Africa from birth-complications. The leading cause of maternal death is…

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The 2015 AfJEM Resource Innovation Competition

Nasal atomisation without the device – 5th place – AfJEM resource innovation competition 2015

1100 612 Kat Evans

In the preparation for the 19th World Congress on Disaster & Emergency Medicine held in Cape Town – AfJEM asked African Emergency Medicine lovers something interesting – “Can you hack, concoct, devise or contrive a wanted resource using only locally available materials? You can..? Really..? Now you can show it off & win some amazing…

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Introduction to out-of-hospital emergency systems in South Africa

710 384 Kirsten Kingma

Out-of-hospital Emergency System in South Africa Craig and Minh recently did a great podcast discussing many of the above points: listen to it here on the PHARM     South Africa has a unique out-of-hospital healthcare system, it is by far one of the more developed when compared to neighbouring countries and many standards meet…

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The art of the EMS Handover

1367 618 Craig Wylie

  “Handover of care is one of the most perilous procedures in medicine, and when carried out improperly can be a major contributory factor to subsequent error and harm to patients.” – Professor Sir John Lilleyman, Medical Director, National Patient Safety Agency, UK Scenario A patient with blunt traumatic brain injury was intubated prehospital using…

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