#badEM16 Jo Park-Ross – ICU outside: Critical for everyone, everywhere

1366 768 Jo Park-Ross

Ten minutes is short time to try and to change the way you think about ICU care – but if you work in emergency medicine then you are already involved in the chain of ICU care! Critical care is how we treat patients, not a place with four walls. For more amazing talks from the…

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#badEM16 Mastering bronchiolitis – Dr Andrew Redfern

864 576 Jo Park-Ross

Bronciolitis will affect 30% of children in their first winter, 10% of which will be hospitalized. Dr Andrew Redfern, a badEM team member, revises the evidence based management of children presenting with bronchiolitis and brings it all together with a game of bingo! Download the blank bingo board below to play along with the video. For more…

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#badEM16 – The eyes don’t see what the mind doesn’t know – Dr Kamil Vallabh

1366 768 Jo Park-Ross

Dr Kamil Vallabh is an Emergency Medicine Physician working at Mitchells Plain Hospital in the Western Cape. Kamil co-runs the facebook pages Plain EM and EMECG, and we would highly recommend checking these great resources out.   This talk takes us on a walk though of a case – including ECGs, chest X-ray and ultrasound – and focuses…

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Annet Alenyo at #dasSMACC – How to support African EM

1263 710 Kat Evans

A lot of people have been asking the LMIC delegates at dasSMACC the following question: “How can we support African Emergency Medicine?” Two quick ways you can help from afar: ONE: Donate to SupaDel: Supadel is a unique AFEM initiative that sponsors the attendance of delegates from low and middle income countries at AFEM-affiliated conferences on African…

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dasSMACCforce: Paramedics Under Siege

1200 800 Kat Evans

Below see a few items discussed at #dasSMACCforce talk by badEM team member @CraigWylie Are specialised tactical units the answer? There has been so much discussion in the media around paramedics arming themselves for self defense. We explored this and actually, attacks on medics occur predominantly in the course of “everyday” work, the granny with the…

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Ubuntu #5: Muthi Mayhem

1920 1080 Victoria Stephen

The case: A 27 year old male is brought to the Ubuntu Hospital ED by EMS with a history of feeling unwell for two days. It is difficult to get further history from him, as he is extremely tachypnoeic and confused. His family relate to you that he has always been perfectly healthy until three…

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#badEM16: Almero Oosthuizen on Paraquat poisoning

1024 576 Jo Park-Ross

Almero Oosthuizen treated the badEM16 crowd to an entertaining talk some common and some deadly poisonings other than organophosphates. Take away points: First aid first: remove contaminants from patient and protect yourself Aggressive palliative care may be the only option for some patients: learn how to do it well. Almero Oosthuizen is an Emergency Medicine…

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Trauma in Pregnancy Part 3: Fear of radiation can lead to harm

1365 1024 Victoria Stephen

Fear of radiation can lead to harm: A rational approach to diagnostic imaging following trauma in pregnancy Imagine this patient presents to your emergency department: A 25 year old female is brought in by paramedics with a history of being involved in a motor vehicle collision. She was an unrestrained passenger and reported abdominal pain…

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A Paediatric Surgeon’s guide to… dealing with the child in your consulting room

940 788 Guest Author

It’s ok, you’re not alone. The paediatric patient is a challenge, not only because of all their weird pathology, but also because they can’t tell you what’s wrong & scream when you touch them. Here are a few tips ’n’ tricks for making dealing with the not-little-adults a bit easier. (I know, a lot of this…

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Trauma in Pregnancy Part 2: Pregnancy related complications

1280 1139 Victoria Stephen

Pregnancy related complications: Pearls and pitfalls Part 1 of this 3 part series, (found here) dealt with the principles of resuscitation of the critically injured pregnant trauma patient. This next post is going to deal with pregnancy related complications and how to manage them. Placental abruption Placental abruption is the most common pregnancy related complication…

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Trauma in Pregnancy Part 1: Resuscitating the pregnant trauma patient

1024 614 Victoria Stephen

Trauma in Pregnancy: Is it double the trouble? Managing the injured pregnant trauma patient can be anxiety inducing, as one needs to manage two patients at once amidst the altered physiology of pregnancy.  The good news is that there are more similarities than differences when managing a pregnant trauma patient. Trauma in pregnancy is surprisingly…

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[From Our Friends] Hand-Overs

400 400 Craig Wylie

From Our Friends – JoziEM New post released on Hand-overs Read it now:

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#badEM16 – Julian Fleming – Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong

488 558 Craig Wylie

Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong Julian (@EMedic6) Brings you down to reality…. REMEMBER we are in AFRICA Can we expect the lay-person to understand what a true emergency is? If your child has a fever, it is an emergency, maybe not to the healthcare practitioner, but to that child’s mom this is the biggest…

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Emergency Medicine in Malawi

720 480 Jo Park-Ross

Post by Mulinda Nyirenda and Jo Park-Ross This podcast is an interview with Dr Mulinda Nyirenda and details the current state of Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital services in Malawi, as well as the way forward and Mulinda’s hopes for the future of Malawian EM. I must admit a more than slight bias on the topic of Malawi…

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Simulation as a vehicle to excellence, improved patient safety & organisational learning with David Grant

660 330 Jo Park-Ross

Dr David Grant is a simulation expert who advocates the use of simulation, including human factors and crew resource management principles, being actively used in the healthcare environment as part of a pro-active risk management system. Traditionally, simulation doesn’t get much of a positive reception – but we actively need to change that perception of…

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Ubuntu #4: The curious case of the ligamentum arteriosum

1063 1125 Jo Park-Ross

Author: Pierre Smit Original presenter: Dr John Roos Editor: Jo Park-Ross At approximately 07H00 Ubuntu Aeromedical Service received a call on their rotor-wing platform for a young gentleman who had fallen from a height of approximately 5 meters. They were told that the incident had occurred at 06H00, and that the patient was standing on…

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Interview with the author: Hendry Sawe on recent AfJEM publication on POCUS in Tanzania & Mexico!

1900 500 Kat Evans

Series: “Interview with the Author…” The badEM crew interviewed Hendry Robert-Sawe regarding his newly released article in AfJEM Volume 6 Issue 3 entitled: “Bedside ultrasound training at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Hospital San Carlos in Chiapas, Mexico” by Teri A Reynolds, Jeanne Noble, Gehres Paschal, Hendry Robert Sawe, Aparajita Sohoni, Sachita Shah, Bret Nicks,…

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Interview with the Author: AfJEM: Michael McCaul on South African pre-hospital guidelines

1900 500 Kat Evans

Series: “Interview with the Author…” The badEM crew interviewed Michael McCaul regarding his newly released article in AfJEM Volume 6 Issue 3 entitled: “South African Pre-hospital  practice guidelines: Report on progress & way forward” by Michael McCaul, Ben de Waal, Peter Hodkinson & Karen Grimmer Link to open access article: Click here Corresponding author email: Author’s twitter handle: @MikeMcCaul3…

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There is no standard like gold standard

150 150 Jo Park-Ross

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single editor in possession of a new journal, must be in want of a strong drink’ Adapted from Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice Author: Stevan Bruijns Editor: Jo Park-Ross Much is written about knowledge translation, or breaking down science from journals so it can benefit real-world, patient…

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#badEM16: Charmaine Cunningham – The gamble: do I pay or do I stay

1200 672 Kirsten Kingma

Selling assets in order to pay for care so that your child has a chance of survival should not be a decision that a parent is required to make, and yet often it is…. I’m Charmaine and I’m passionate about access to care.  For #badEM16 I combined some of my interests, including the system, how…

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